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Message, Founder & CEO At Ribang

At present, science and information technology are playing a marvelous role in the modern world like magic. Its use in the fields of education and trade has already caused a great stir worldwide. In this context Ribang’s progress towards the successful modernization and improvement of Bangladesh and the world.

Ribang F&CEO

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Education Apparatus

His biggest tool is his education. The more educated he is, the more qualified and rich he is in the world. But in the present world, the person who is more proficient in information and communication technology education than general education is more competent and rich. Our goal is to enrich technology education in the areas of general education to build a human being as a well-educated and humanitarian citizen. So that he does; the nation, society, countries and the world can play a significant role.

Ribang OS

Online Shopping

One of the features of the Ribang Online Shop is to lend a helping hand to instant purchase from the side of universal people. In this case, all kinds of Ribang Shop products are a great challenge to deliver to the customer in easy terms and we supply quality products at the most affordable prices.

Ribang Media

The Medium In Awareness

Information and communication is a prerequisite awareness. One of the important characteristics of a conscious citizen is to have a good sense of information and communication technology. In the modern world, digital news media, online newspapers, radio and television play a major role in enriching more information for citizens.


Now a days without IT education no one can prosper successfully. So we should everybody have to learn and earn IT knowledge. Those who are improve proper IT knowledge himself, he/she will be much more gainer and successful in the world.  


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